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Limited Edition Print

Artist: Greg Notzelman                                        Tonic Effects Ltd No. TE_GN_01
Printer: same

Title: “Sargon’s Warriors”
Date: 2007

 About the print:
In 2300 BC, Sargon of Akkad brought all the city states of Sumer (Sumeria) under his control and through his military campaigns unified a large area known today as Iraq.

The symbol above the ziggurat is Tiamat from the Babylonian epic of creation Enûma Elish. Tiamat is the sea personified as a goddess and is the embodiment of chaos.  My intention with “Sargon’s Warriors” is to bring attention to modern day Iraq and the massive loss of antiquities, which happened as a result of the second Gulf War.

This is a multicolor intaglio print from 3 plates. Linocut, à la poupé, and pochoir were also used to create this eight color print.

Paper size:
28 cm x 37.5 cm on Rives BFK Cream

Record of printing:
Completed at the Tonic Effects Studio in Napier, New Zealand on October 20th, 2007. Work was started on this edition in Boston in the year 2002. This is the first print to be completed in New Zealand at the new studio.

15 Impressions numbered 1/15 – 15/15
2 Artists Proofs same as numbered edition
3 Unique Proofs that will vary from the edition (unsigned at this time)