Artist's Statement
Greg Notzelman

I am fascinated by man’s symbols. Through out time symbols have transformed history. I like to juxtapose symbols from different periods of history to provoke thought and suggest the passage of time.

I think of my self as a modern day cave painter with a few variations on my predecessors. I am an ‘Electric Cave Painter’ meaning I use bright colors as opposed to primarily earth tones. I sometimes add more depth than my ancestors. I feel I have many things in common with the cave painters of the past.  I am fascinated by the world around me and I am compelled to document it. Instead of leaving my cave for the hunt or to forage, I have the modern conveniences of supermarkets and the like. Yet I still feel a sense of wonder about the world and the deep mysteries that our ever present.

I see the world as alive with color. Walking down a street of Jacarada Trees can be quite an experience. Seeing the sidewalk littered with freshly fallen violet flowers and the green canopy above still filled with purple as the suns rays peek through is an example of a visual feast. I see the world as a visual feast of color. This is the essence of how I am interested in using color in my work. I like to paint with bright colors and use their proximity to each other to create excitement and a feeling of visual nourishment.

Everyday we are bombarded with the problems of the world through the television and print. As an artist I feel at this time in history we are operating with a spiritual deficit. I do not define this spiritual deficit as religion, rather man’s lack of understanding that nature is bigger then man. We as a species are clearly out of harmony with nature. I want my paintings in particular to nourish the viewer, to give a positive and uplifting experience. That is not to say I will not use symbols and subject matter that deals with man’s modern day problems and short comings. However I feel without nourishment and hope the world will linger in its disharmony and not find a way out of its morass.

Therefore I believe it is possible to deal with complex subjects through symbols and color in such a way to bring thought, nourishment, hope and future positive action to the viewer.

I work with different mediums including, paint, printmaking, digital arts.Some of my colleagues know me as a painter, others as a printmaker, and yet others as a visual effects artist. I am all of these. I am an artist.

I will reserve the right to be more political with television, film, special projects,  and possibly with my prints. I am using my paintings as a refuge and a place to recharge the spirit. I hope to give something back to world in this way.