XMFC Greg Notzelman demo reel
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Tin Tin :Secret of the Unicorn

Environment Team
Look Development.

Dam / Baghaar Sequence
Mike Cox - initial look dev on Dam
Mike Cox - terrain shader
Greg Notzelman - Road Shader and Look Dev
Greg Notzelman - Dam Shader , added to Mike's work and maintained these shaders throughout the sequence including all shot fixes. Distributed control maps to other paint artists.

Docks Sequence
Greg Notzelman - Created and maintained building shaders, this included look development and tileable materials.
Mike Cox - added to building shaders including procedural weathering, cobblestones and tileable materials
Greg Notzelman - distributed control maps to other paint artists.
Raine Anderson - contributed weathered signage co-shaders. To be seen when more footage is released

There will be much more when the movie is released. This is only what is available on trailers. The dock sequence when released will show day and night action, which I was a major contributor. Additionally, I contributed to many other areas , including facial displacement and character paint for extras.