The Hot Zone
Personal project at 2k using Maya
Last frame:
The goal with this project was to produce an on screen playback shot or computer graphic detecting and simulating a virus spread.
First frame:
Shown here is the starting frame of this shot.The idea is the system is booting up.
I wanted to have scan lines running over and through the 3d geometry. I achieved this by running black hole planes through the city acting like a clipping plane. IĀ used this information to control the scan lines from front to back and top to bottom. Using this technique you could also control the color of the city model at different heights to achieve the desired look. Here the system identifies a pathogen. Scan lines are running back and forth and vertically through the buildings.
Targets fly out to locate the source of the pathogen. Targets quickly fly to the identified sources.
The software transitions in a spilt second to the city top view. (shown to the right) A simulation is initiated to show the spread of the virus over a 6 hour period.
Notes: I chose to use a model of New York City that I aquired on an internet project years ago. I used this model in Maya to create the shot rather then recreating one from scratch. I created the smoke and virus particles in Maya along with some particles in After Effects. The video is footage I shot in Los Angeles. Over the years I have been taking industrial video to use in shots like these.