Ice Base
Personal project at 2k using Maya
Final frame:
The goal with this project was to produce a series of utility shots using camera mapping in conjunction with other techniques. This shot was ten seconds long and can be seen on my demo reel. I used Maya Fluids for the clouds and the Maya ocean shader.
Final frame:
One technique I experimented with was camera mapping matte paintings on geometry in conjunction with shaders and textures combined together in compositing. Much of the look is achieved in compositing. I used
Walker Effects , Frischluft plugins extensively.
Shown here is the geometry within Maya. Here is my first previz still test.
I used this as my origainal source photo to start the matte painting. Here is the final matte painting which was later made into several seperate paintings to project on different pieces of geometry to allow for parallax when the camera moves.
Here you can see the project within Maya. I made a series of textures that mixed with the matte painting. The example shown here is the dirt and roads within the base. Also shown is some of the geometry I built for the shots. There were 20 layers in total rendered from Maya.
18 layers rendered at 2k and 2 layers rendered at 1k.
The combined total render time for all 20 layers was 36 minutes per frame out of Maya. The composite render time was 2 and a half minutes. Total Render time of less then 40 minutes per finished film frame.
Greg Notzelman - camera mapping project -