xray animated slice
Work in progress / Proof of concept, January 2006, Maya, AE, Shake
The goal with this project was create an xray vision effect. These are the initial tests to generate the required mattes and determine what might be involved. The goal was to be able to peel away reality from the cameras viewpoint. Please note the background image is a hodgepodge of industrial parts cobbled together for this test. I developed the models and textures only to the point where a test could be conducted.
Here is another frame from the initial test. Something to try in the next test would be to limit the effect to a binocular type matte. The idea would be to simulate using your xray vision to peer and look through physical geometry. This matte was generated using lights in conjuction with the clipping plane of the camera. This was the most difficult matte to figure out but it turned out to be achieveable with a simple trick. You could also use this matte to put realistic textures back into the geometry in compositing.
This is the intersection combined with the depth pass. Here is the inverted depth plus intersection pass.
This was somewhat tricky to achieve. I created a custom camera rig with planes attached to drive the near clipping plane of the camera. The master plane also drove the other planes used with offsets to help capture the pieces of geometry I needed in compositing. Besides using the common microscope shader. IĀ also created other shaders that would look at the geometry in different ways. One way "not shown" was to render the internal geometry without rendering the external pieces. In essence all variety of mattes can be achieved leading to limitless possiblities for this effect.