Software Experience.
I have been involved with digital production since 1992.
Software changes and evolves and so have the applications that I specialize in. The most important thing I find is being able to transfer skills from one application to another as many companies use different software.
At the current time Maya is the main 3D app that I use.
I am well versed in a variety of areas including ; animation, polygon modeling, lighting, uv texturing, with some experience in rigging.Currently I am learning 3Delight a Renderman compliant renderer.
Zeno Proprietary Software used at ILM. Specifically the LUX package used for lighting film shots. Primarily my experience was using Renderman on two movies coming out in the Summer of 2009.
XSI Softimage was the first high end application I started using. I am familiar with XSI and in a short period of time I can become fluent using it. I love this program, I don't get the opportunity to use it much.
Mosaic to 3Delight
Open source! What a great package getting better by the month. I spend a good bit of time learning it's features. I like its compositing component very much. I have not used it in production .....yet.
I learned modeling with this program in the mid 1990's. Having used it so extensively, I can still pick this up fairly quickly. This is a great package for CAD modeling.
Electric Image
I no longer use this program.
I no longer use this program, in the 1990's this was my main 3d application for animation. It had a very fast rendering engine. People still use it today.
After Effects I have been using this program since 1996. I have used it in Feature Film production and television. The first time I used it extensively was for Spawn.
Shake My main compositing package. I have used this on two feature film productions.
Fusion I have spent time learning this application. I really like it and would like to use it more.
Photoshop I use it for everything and have been a user since version 1.5 (a long time)
Premiere I use it for my editing.
Final Cut Pro When on a Mac I use this application.
A big list>>>>>>>> Illustrator, Go Live, Inkscape, Gimp, Map Zone, Tree Pro, Terragen, Unreal, many others I forget