Below are some projects that I have animated.
Please note this list is not all inclusive as I have animated projects dating back to 1995.
Ice Base
animated all components.

++ modeling, matte painting, textures, lighting, dynamics, compositing
MIBĀ 2 Trailer shot only
animation for effects

++ lighting, compositing, dynamics
Behind Enemy Lines
aniamtion for missle, jet, and camera

++ 3d match move, lighting, compositing,
dynamics* = I animated the dynamics but did not create the particle system
Titan A.E.
Previz animation and final animations for the Wake Angel sequence.

++ , compositing, and dynamics
animated all elements in 2d composite.

++ 2d match moves, lighting, textures, 2d dynamics, compositing
Jet Car commercial
animated car, particles, and camera.

++ 3d match moves, lighting, textures, dynamics, compositing
Lots of other projects froim the early years, that I am not posting.