Titan A.E.
Titan A.E. Previs animatic work
Below are stills from the Wake Angel Sequence
Please note: The above shots are NOT finals. They are images from the previs process. Final shots may be seen on my reel and in the film section.

Also note: Steve Walker created a way to treat the nebulae for the finals (not shown here) which looked really amazing.

2D character animation was completed at Fox Animation Studios.
Wake Angel Sequence:

David Dozoretz
Paul Martin Smith

Reality Check Studios
Kory Jones:Creative Director

Greg Notzelman:
I was responsible for coming up with a process to create the electrical effect when the Valkyrie was to touch or hit the columns of gas. Additionally I animated many of the shots along with Kory Jones up at Lucas Arts Studios.
Above is the Valkyrie blasting through a column of gas in the finaI sequence.

My work on this previz shot helped Reality Check Studios land work for the finals to be done in their studios in Los Angeles.
Spawn's Wounds

Banned From The Ranch Entertainment
I worked on the previz for Spawn and developed a technique for creating Spawn's self healing wounds.

This technique convinced Mark Dippé to award us additional wound shots.
In 1997 we were using After Effects at a time when there was serious doubt you could do high quality film work off the SGI platform.

During the process of creating this technique I convinced Van Ling we could complete all of the shots using After Effects. We actually went as far as doing tests using the ILLUSSION Software and it kept choking on the complexity of the projects even with massive pre-renders of layers.

In my opinion After Effects was the better choice at the time due to its greater variety of plugins and stability. Van was already a big fan of After Effects so this worked out really well.
Top above is a final frame from one of the hero shots where Spawn is riddled with bullets and his wounds are self healing.

I was later interviewed in Cinfex # 71 along with rest of the BFTR crew for our work on this project.